Cold Into Holy Days
I have a cold now and I think I picked it up from that dirty YMCA. I always feel like I have to sanatize myself after going there. Taking a bath in Clorox bleach would be about the only way. Well, this year 2012 is finally coming to a close. This year hasn't been all that bad. Slightly better than last year. I got to tour Nashville again- this time with the band. And we played at the Nashville Convention Center. I did a music video for "Sweet Tea" at the Byrd Theater in Richmond. With actors and all. I felt good about that. And I released "Meade Music"- my first album in 8 years- an ablum that I feel proud of. Not bad, and its entertaining from start to finish, and it got some good reviews in the press. My weight was up and down again this year. I started losing weight through winter, and gained it back by Easter Sunday. Then I lost weight again over the summer. But I have really changed my composition and such. I have changed my form and I do some of the weight liftin'- even though its not really my personality. It seems to be making a difference. My diet has gotten better too. I am laying low on sweet tea and soft drinks.

Last year (2011), I went with a personal trainer, which cost quite a bit of money, but it did help me learn a lot more about the fitness and strength training. I did the 8k last month. I showed up late, so I got a 20 minute behind start, but running the whole way, I still finished in 1 hr and 20 minutes . Would have been an hour. I never thought I'd do that. Im still writing quite a few songs. I got to sing on the Blue Plate Speical this year in Knoxville- and I toured the great Smokey Mountain area. I stopped on the way at a coffeeshop/booksore in Asheville,North Carolina. I had a smattering of people, but I do remember an eager couple that came in last minute. Said they hear my singing walking down the street and thats what brought them there. I think that was nice. I sold and autographed records that night. I played in Raleigh North Carolina at the Royal Bean Coffeehouse, and many other places in between. I did enjoy my Smokey Mountain trip. That was fun. They were having the big Alabama-TN football game in Knoxville and every place was packed. I was lucky to get a decent room. I rented a car. It was a fancy one. Had Sirus radio and a camera and all. I have a cold now as I mentioned earlier We're getting closer to Christmas. I think we will get the tree in a few days. I am trying to enjoy life. Still struggling. Im my 30s , unemployed, and I have no one to get me on the national tv just yet.

Im only 31 and already treated like an old person. Sunday I went to sign up for this open mic at this "club" - out near Short Pump. They did an interview beforehand. It was a Hip Hop club and right away  I would not fit in too well. The girl asked me what type of music and I said Alt Country" and she insisted putting down " Rock n' Country"- whatever that is. I'm not a Rocker. Anyways, then she asked my age and I told her "31". And then she asked me up front "Okay, would you rather not me say your age?" And I told her, what? Well no, I dont mind, I'm young. Then she asked me what songs I would do. After a break she was with these kids that looked fresh out of thug magazine, I decided to just up and leave. I was really ticked off by that, and I had already experienced ageism at the tender age of 31 (just 2 weeks ago was my birthday this month). So its really sad that people have this attitude if you're not 20 something then you might as well give up on life and you can't do anything important or exciting. I don't plan on being a Star- thats not my goal. But really I was kind of upset with the whole thing. The DJ lady kept insisting on calling it "Pop Rock" and I told her well Im not sure my music would fit, and she said they were looking for ALL TYPES- yeah right- anything Rap, or Hip Hop is what that means. She said they would be having a "Pop Rock" stage soon. Well, lady, for the last time I'M COUNTRY, I'm not Pop, Rock, or Rap, or anything else. Sorry if that offends you.

This Year So Far...
Well I have been going through a lot this year so far- but I suppose its mostly a test of faith. Early this year I felt really bad with a funny virus that left me feeling anxious a lot and not being able to sleep. I went to the Dr several times and they could find nothing wrong. As things subsided, they put me on beta blockers to treat mild hypertension . So it extended my not feeling very well. It left me worse- with cold hands and feet and I was having a lot of depression.One day last month I had to sing a solo in church and i felt dreadfully ill. I felt cold and sweaty and very not myself.  I finally am off those now and starting to feel like myself again- only I wish it had started sooner. Im not sure what this year will bring- if anything at all. The Lord is really testing my faith- but I think the enemy is knocking at any door he possibly can.

I have a lot of things that bother me. I get annoyed when I dont get bookings or gigs. Some times they simply won't respond to my inquiries, but I wish I would simply get a yes or no answer. I wasnt even picked to sing the National Anthem at any of the Richmond Flying Squirrels games this year. It makes me feel really sad. I guess I thought I had some sort of shot, since I pretty much sing in pitch and have a 3 and half octave range and all of that. (not to brag). I really am trying to write more songs- but some of them are coming up sad and many just throw away tunes. But I am enoying every bit of opportunity I can to perform live. I turned 31 this past April 8th- and it really puts things in perspective. This was harder for me than turning 30 for some reason. I felt by this age I would have some sort of career-at least blooming. But I seem to be in the same position I was 5 or 6 years ago. Same circuits, same level of music venues, same crowds, same level of pay (usually none), and Im still at home with my dad. My Aunt is very sick and I try to help with that- but Im really not much help. My sleep schedule is not great either. But I know that Im growing spiritually. I just really want to do something big within the next few years- at the very least move out on my own. I feel as if I'm always 5-10 years behind in life. Im not sure if my mother hadn't of died when I was 11, if things would have been different. But most likely it does seem they would.  I feel this year I have nothing major to look forward to. I want to record an EP for 10" vinyl and get that marketed- which would have some of my most beloved songs including "Hipsters Ruin Everything"- and the long awaited "We Talk In Circles". But to be honest, I'm not sure of anything anymore. One day at a time I suppose.


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