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Cold Into Holy Days
I have a cold now and I think I picked it up from that dirty YMCA. I always feel like I have to sanatize myself after going there. Taking a bath in Clorox bleach would be about the only way. Well, this year 2012 is finally coming to a close. This year hasn't been all that bad. Slightly better than last year. I got to tour Nashville again- this time with the band. And we played at the Nashville Convention Center. I did a music video for "Sweet Tea" at the Byrd Theater in Richmond. With actors and all. I felt good about that. And I released "Meade Music"- my first album in 8 years- an ablum that I feel proud of. Not bad, and its entertaining from start to finish, and it got some good reviews in the press. My weight was up and down again this year. I started losing weight through winter, and gained it back by Easter Sunday. Then I lost weight again over the summer. But I have really changed my composition and such. I have changed my form and I do some of the weight liftin'- even though its not really my personality. It seems to be making a difference. My diet has gotten better too. I am laying low on sweet tea and soft drinks.

Last year (2011), I went with a personal trainer, which cost quite a bit of money, but it did help me learn a lot more about the fitness and strength training. I did the 8k last month. I showed up late, so I got a 20 minute behind start, but running the whole way, I still finished in 1 hr and 20 minutes . Would have been an hour. I never thought I'd do that. Im still writing quite a few songs. I got to sing on the Blue Plate Speical this year in Knoxville- and I toured the great Smokey Mountain area. I stopped on the way at a coffeeshop/booksore in Asheville,North Carolina. I had a smattering of people, but I do remember an eager couple that came in last minute. Said they hear my singing walking down the street and thats what brought them there. I think that was nice. I sold and autographed records that night. I played in Raleigh North Carolina at the Royal Bean Coffeehouse, and many other places in between. I did enjoy my Smokey Mountain trip. That was fun. They were having the big Alabama-TN football game in Knoxville and every place was packed. I was lucky to get a decent room. I rented a car. It was a fancy one. Had Sirus radio and a camera and all. I have a cold now as I mentioned earlier We're getting closer to Christmas. I think we will get the tree in a few days. I am trying to enjoy life. Still struggling. Im my 30s , unemployed, and I have no one to get me on the national tv just yet.


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