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Im only 31 and already treated like an old person. Sunday I went to sign up for this open mic at this "club" - out near Short Pump. They did an interview beforehand. It was a Hip Hop club and right away  I would not fit in too well. The girl asked me what type of music and I said Alt Country" and she insisted putting down " Rock n' Country"- whatever that is. I'm not a Rocker. Anyways, then she asked my age and I told her "31". And then she asked me up front "Okay, would you rather not me say your age?" And I told her, what? Well no, I dont mind, I'm young. Then she asked me what songs I would do. After a break she was with these kids that looked fresh out of thug magazine, I decided to just up and leave. I was really ticked off by that, and I had already experienced ageism at the tender age of 31 (just 2 weeks ago was my birthday this month). So its really sad that people have this attitude if you're not 20 something then you might as well give up on life and you can't do anything important or exciting. I don't plan on being a Star- thats not my goal. But really I was kind of upset with the whole thing. The DJ lady kept insisting on calling it "Pop Rock" and I told her well Im not sure my music would fit, and she said they were looking for ALL TYPES- yeah right- anything Rap, or Hip Hop is what that means. She said they would be having a "Pop Rock" stage soon. Well, lady, for the last time I'M COUNTRY, I'm not Pop, Rock, or Rap, or anything else. Sorry if that offends you.


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